Who We Are

Chad Foster, President

Chad has assisted commercial insurance carriers for almost 40 years in multiple capacities, and is one of the most experienced professionals in the salvage industry. Having worked for both a commercial insurance carrier and a public adjusting firm, Chad quickly recognizes how to minimize the loss suffered by the insured and the carrier and anticipates the information needed to resolve the claim as quickly as possible. With double degrees in economics and agriculture from N. C. State University, he has special expertise in handling damaged commodity stocks such as wheat, corn, tobacco, cotton, cottonseed, and peanuts. He also has handled numerous losses involving fertilizer, steel, paper, and plastic. Chad has worked in the salvage industry for over thirty-five years and has handled countless losses at high-profile disaster sites, including Superstorm Sandy, Hurricanes Hugo, Andrew, and Katrina, the North Ridge earthquake, and the World Trade Centers. Before opening his own business in 2012, Chad served as the CAT manager, vice president, and officer of a national salvage firm.

Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, Chad splits his time between Richmond and Atlanta. He has three children. His wife is an attorney with a state appellate court. In his spare time, he enjoys golf, scuba diving, and collecting artifacts.

Chad is an associate member of the Loss Executives’ Association, the Southern Loss Association, and the PLRB. He has lectured at the PLRB and a national flood conference.

Clint Boyd, Senior Project Manager

Clint has been involved in commercial insurance claims since 1983.  His introduction to the salvage industry began with Chad in 1992 as they handled losses together during Hurricane Andrew.  Since that time, he has worked on numerous storm sites, including Hurricanes Georges, Charley, Ivan, and Katrina.  Clint possesses a strong work ethic and has spent weeks on site in the Caribbean, Asia, and the Southeast.  He has handled a wide variety of losses, ranging from retail and manufacturing to commodities such as steel, paper, and lumber.

Clint studied business management and computer science in college, and has worked in the construction industry.  He splits his time between homes in New Orleans and Houston.

Vicki Babcock, Operations Manager

Vicki and Chad have worked together closely for almost twenty-five years.  Vicki came to Chad in 1992 after working for AIAC as a storm coordinator and regional administrative assistant.  Almost immediately thereafter, she flew to Miami and set up the CAT office for Hurricane Andrew.  Vicki continued in this role for several years, setting up storm offices and often remaining on site 24/7.  She has organized CAT service in Florida, California, Puerto Rico, and throughout the Southeast, and has occasionally worked alongside salvors in the field.  Her understanding of the salvage and commercial insurance industry exceeds that of many seasoned professionals.

Vicki grew up in Oklahoma and earned a bachelor of science from Oklahoma State University.  She resides principally in Atlanta, but continues to manage losses while traveling to remote locations.


* Additional Personnel located in Connecticut, Louisiana (New Orleans) and Texas